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Project Management

Dealing with builders isn't the easiest of things! For many property developers dealing with builders is an everyday affair, in fact we have many clients for this part of our service isn't required. However, where the private individual is concerned it can often turn out to be little short of a nightmare.


We handle all negotiations and discussions on your behalf, monitoring the work-in-progress is handled by us personally. We can arrange for Building Control Inspections, Material Ordering and Stocktaking, Site Deliveries and Waste Disposal on your behalf.

We offer a number of project management packages to suit our clients needs and budget. 

From project advice regarding budgeting and schedules through to full time site management OR Design and Build.

PM Consulting Engineers has a policy of never ever leaving our clients in any situation whereby they are left on their own. From the moment we commissioned we will handle everything for you.

We also offer a full Design and Build Service to our client which ensures a fixed price from the design stage to completion. Dealing with one Contractor throughout can be both cost and time effective for our clients. 


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